This #1 Toronto Boot Camp And 416 Local Residents Say "Hell, YAH You Can Lose With My Break Through Fat Burning Workouts!"

Toronto Personal Trainer Uses Her Fitness Formula To Flatten Your Stomach, Tone Your Arms, And Shrink Your Hips & Thighs Without Strict Dieting, Calorie Counting or Without Spending Long Hours In A Gym?"

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Don’t spend another minute thinking about what you should do next without reading the rest of this webpage.

My Toronto Bootcamp will show you what may just be the "Holy Grail" of fitness programs. Join our program and you'll witness the most fat-crushing and time saving method to get your body to incinerate fat fast! A program that doesn't use fancy equipment OR long boring amounts of cardio.

Hey I'm Karie Hamilton… a Downtown Toronto Personal Fitness Trainer, more commonly known by my clients as "The Fat Assassin". I've been helping men and women just like you get and stay in shape and lose fat permanently for over a decade.

Through the years, I've seen countless people start with killer enthusiasm only to end up in the same shape, or in worse shape than they were before they started! I suggest you keep reading if you want to stop the insanity once and for all!

With my Downtown Toronto fitness bootcamp, you WILL:

Finally get a flatter, tighter stomach, and feel like a million bucks!
Kick hard-to-follow, no-result diets to the curb once and for all!
Immediately break years of bad habits!
Turn the heat up inside your body so that you melt fat even when you're not in class!
Have massive amounts of energy and BLAST through that 3 o'clock crash!
Look in the mirror and say enthusiatically "I Look AMAZING!"
Have fun in an atmoshpere that encourages big time "losers" with every workout!

I know you're staring at all this right now, wondering "Yea right, sounds to good to be true and it won't work for me!" You might be thinking you’re somehow different and that you can’t be helped. This is where you're wrong. My Fat Assassin boot camp in Downtown Toronto works for EVERYONE!

How can I be so sure that my program will work for you?

It will work for you, you know why? I have a "secret" formula that I've perfected through years of seeing people just like you struggle to lose weight. And my program is absolutely GUARANTEED TO WORK FOR YOU TOO!

I don't care if your goal is to lose your jelly belly, firm up your thunder thighs, or if you aspire to have arms like Serena Williams and a butt like J-Lo's, my breakthrough fitness bootcamp in Toronto WILL get you the body you've only dreamed of in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort and the most amount of FUN.

I wasn't always the poster child for health and fintess. Not that long ago, I stood where you are now and hated looking at myself in the mirror.  I would take showers and get out avoiding the mirror so that I wouldn't have to look at my body.  I felt disgusting and totally unattractive.  Looking and feeling the way I did killed my social life.  Needless to say, I was ashamed and depressedAs a matter of fact, my entire life sucked.  I was self-conscious about my body and had low self-esteem.  I remember how embarrassed I would get when I would go shopping for clothes, I'd always just buy the size that would fit without trying anthing on in the store and hoping and praying that when I got home somehow they would just fit. Most of the time they didn't and I ended up back at the store to get a different size, usually bigger.

As a matter of fact, my entire life sucked.  I was self-conscious about my body and had low self-esteem.  I remember how embarrassed I would get when I would go shopping for clothes, I'd always just buy the size that would fit without trying anthing on in the store and hoping and praying that when I got home somehow they would just fit. Most of the time they didn't and I ended up back at the store to get a different size, usually bigger.

I soon became discouraged about my weight and how I looked.  I tried everything, from the latest diet fads to different exercise programs with no success.  I became so frustrated as nothing seemed to work for me.  I was ready to give up. 

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Then One Day, I Discovered The Secret To Melting Fat
Fast, And Finally Getting Toned Muscles And
An Awesome Slim Stomach...

After trying every possible diet, exercise program and even diet pills, I accidently discovered the formula to losing fat, building beautiful, toned muscles, and looking amazing.  I could not believe how easy and simple it was to lose all my fat and get into killer shape, simply by doing the right things.  Just take a look at how my body changed after applying the same secret fat-loss tricks that I now use in my downtown Toronto bootcamp.

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I lost a total of 8 lbs. and inches all over my body in just 3 short weeks!

My waist went down from 30 inches to a slim 29 inches.  My weight dropped from 144 lbs. to a lean and trim 136 lbs.

My body fat percentage droppped from 23.3% to a ripped and chiseled 21.1%.I finally got the lean and kick-ass body I wanted. I had a flat and tight, six-pack stomach and although you can't see it in this picture, my butt was out of this world.   I could not believe how great it felt to be lean and look good. Suddenly, I got tons of attentionHeads were turning as I walked into a crowded room.  I was constantly getting compliments on how great I looked.  That was an awesome feeling.  Obviously, my self-confidence skyrocketed.

Finally, my life was great.  Not only did I look great, but I felt like a million bucks I had tons of energy, feeling unstoppable and powerful.  Things that were once hard, were so easy, like climbing a flight of stairs.  I could go all day without getting tired.  My life would never be the same. Now its only fair that I tell you...

If You Want A Trainer Who Will Babysit You, Hand You Weights and Carry Around Your Towel, Then This is NOT the Place For You...

If you are looking for a trainer who is more concerned with how he looks than how you look then this is NOT the place for you.

In fact, to be clear

  • You will not be pampered.
  • This program is not for people who like to complain about what they can’t do.
  • This program is not for people looking to get big and bulky.  Its just not what we do here.  There are plenty of other places to go for that.
  • I am not a know-it-all.  I can get you the body you want, but I won’t claim to know everything.  I will promise that if I don’t know something I will not rest until I find the proper answer.
  • This program is not for people who want to workout with a trainer because its something cool to tell their friends.  Only people who are SERIOUS ABOUT SUCCESS are welcome here.

Not that there’s anything wrong for people looking for those things, you can definitely find them at lots of other places, this just isn’t one of them... getting you into killer shape FAST is what Downtown Toronto Trainer is all about.

One Thing You Should Know Before You Contact Us Is That We’re Only Interested in People Who Are Committed to Their Results.

Bootcamp Location/Times/Cost:

Toronto East End/Riverdale

Artist's Play Dance Studio (2nd floor)
401 Logan Street East, Toronto ON
Mon 6:30p, Fri 6:30p

2X a week $112 monthly


If you are one of those people who will workout for a couple weeks then give up because its not “easy” then please don’t waste my time or yours.

Here's What Some Of The Men & Women In My Toronto Bootcamp Are Saying About The Ultimate Fat Loss Boot Camp And The Results They Achieved...

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"I'm Having A Blast AND Losing Inches"

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men boot camp toronto

"I joined Karie's program during a difficult time in my life. I felt my self-esteem slowly slipping away, while the pounds packed on. The past couple of weeks have been a blast and I lost 20lbs in weeks not months. I'm healthier and girls are taking notice of me! I'll never be that guy again. Karie is the real deal."

Andy D.
Internet Marketer

"I lost 4% body fat And 3.5 inches off my waist in just 9 short weeks!"

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I started to achieve the results right away, the combiniation of cardio, resistance, and intensity all together helped to scultp and tone my body.

After just the first 3 weeks I could already see a difference when I tried on my shorts that didn't usually fit and they fit!...everything else has also started feeling better even my clothes are feeling loose.

Tennille C.


"Finally I Don't Have To Spend
Hours in a Gym!"


"The 3-In-1 Fast Fat Loss Outdoor Bootcamp was one of the best workouts I had ever had. The classes were motivating and challenging.

For one full hour three times a week a was surrounded by people just like me who wanted to lose weight without spending too much time in a gym.

Sandra K.
Interior Designer


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"I Am Still In Shock With My Results"


"The best part is how I feel. I have so much energy now. I used to have to drag myself out of bed in the morning, but now I automatically pop out of bed energized between 5:30- 6:00am.

Even through all my complaints and whining, she is able to laugh and push me beyond what I ever thought was possible. I am so glad that I found her on Craigslist one random day. After working out with her just one time, I was hooked.”

“I am still in shock with my results. Thanks Karie. You have really changed my life."



"I Finally Got My Pre-Pregnancy Body Back And I'm 7 pounds away from being the smallest size I've ever been!"

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"I really had to lose about 30 pounds after giving birth to my son. I knew I had no other choice but to try something new and give it my all. After just one session, I knew I was hooked!

I had tried to get my “pre-baby” body back by wasting money on diets and exercise programs that did not work. I lost weight but I was constantly hungry and disappointed with the bulky muscle over fat look.

This boot camp style program taught me to eat properly, exercise properly and efficiently and most important to be happy with the process. And... after 25 pregnancy pounds off my body- I’m back in the dress size I wore at my wedding!"

S. J.

"I Lost 20 pounds and I'm fitter and healthier than I've ever been in my life!"

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"I started working out on my own without much success. My goal was to lose weight and to get into better shape. I was also excited to try something new and challenge myself. I needed something more. I was nervous, but knew it was time to step out of my comfort zone and try it out for the first week free. I'm so happy I did and am still at it months later for a number of reasons. I like that each workout is different from the last one and are interesting and fun, (hard but still fun).

Since starting, I have lost over 20 pounds and over 15 inches. I have more energy than ever and problems with my back pain have eased. I really enjoy it and recommend it for those who want a challenge and want to feel healthier and look leaner and fit. BOOTCAMP IS GREAT!"

Katherine M, Toronto

"I Got My Sexy Back !"

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"The 3-In-1 Fast Fat Loss Boot camp in Toronto helped me gain the self-esteem that I needed.

I got an amazing sense of accomplishment for every class. I got over my fear of getting bulky and traded it in for a small four pack :)"

Retail Manager


"I Was Hooked From The First Day!"

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"I lost fat on my stomach, hips, and thighs. I met with her before signing up, took the complimentary consultation, had my first workout and I was hooked! It wasn't doing the same thing over and over again, but the perfect mix of cardio and weights (something I had never done before). The challenge was not only refreshing but most importantly, rewarding!

In a short period of time, I noticed a difference physically, and mentally. I was melting away, literally! Oh and I forgot to mention how great my arms and shoulders look in my sleeveless tops! Thanks for getting me ready to take on the world!"

Catherine P.
Music Representative

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"I Lost 15 pounds AND still counting"

boot camp participant participan boot camps

"Because of the 25lbs in 8 weeks Boot camp I lost 15 lbs and a total of 10.7 inches in weeks! I feel much stronger and overall I can do more dynamic exercises that I never thought I'd be able to do.

I'm more atheletic and ready to tackle rugby season without any fear of injury."

Marc G.
Customer Service Rep

Bootcamp Location/Times/Cost:

Toronto East End/Riverdale

Artist's Play Dance Studio (2nd floor)
401 Logan Street East, Toronto ON
Mon 6:30p, Fri 6:30p

2X a week $112 monthly

I should warn you though... not just anyone is accepted ... the only ones accepted are people who are true “doers”

You see, the people who go to work out in my bootcamp represent my business and they represent myself... they are literally my walking billboards... and if they don’t look good then I don’t look good... my reputation is just too important to be tarnished by people who aren’t willing to do what it takes to get into shape...

So what does it take?

Just following the Ultimate Fat Loss program...

You Will Discover The Most Powerful Fat-Burning and Muscle Toning System Ever Created. A Step-by-Step, Proven Boot Camp SystemThat Has Helped Hundreds of Downtown Toronto Residents, Just Like YOU, Lose Tons of Fat, Tone Up Their Entire Bodies, and Look Amazing...

See how my Toronto Boot Camp stacks up against other Fitness Programs:

Critical components for successful fat loss: 
Ultimate Fat Loss Boot camp 
Weight Loss Center / Clinic 
Pills And Powders 
Working Out On Your Own 
Health Club Or Gym 
toronto  Yes 
Motivation / Support
fitness Yes 
Supportive Nutrition
fitness Yes 
Toned Muscles
bootcamp Yes 
Faster Metabolism
fitness Yes 
Fun & Varied
bootcamp Yes 
Not Likely 
Not Likely 
Permanent Habits / Long-Term Results
toronto Yes 


Yes Karie, I'm Finally Ready To Change My Life Forever And Get The Body I Have Always Wanted, With This Fat-Melting Boot Camp TODAY!

toronto Yes! I'm ready to lose all my fat so I look hot in my little black dress.
fitness Yes! I want to have a fit, lean, and sexy body that everyone notices.
bootcamp Yes! I want to be much more attractive and command confidence with women.
toronto Yes! I want unlimited energy, so I can enjoy life, family, and friends to the fullest, going strong all day long.
bootcamp Yes! I want to look and feel like a million bucks, EVERYDAY!
bootcamp Yes! I can't wait to experience the feeling of fitting into smaller clothes.
fitness Yes! I'm ready to jump start my metabolism, so I can be a fat-burning machine 24/7, just watching the fat peel off my body.
bootcamp Yes! I want to have great health and vibrancy, so I never have to worry about getting seriously ill, EVER!
toronto Yes! I want to learn how to eat and what to eat so I can always be in great shape and keep the fat off FOREVER!
fitness Yes! I want to define and tone my arms, legs, stomach and my entire body, so I will look amazing, leaving my friends jealous of my new hot body.
bootcamp Yes! I am ready to be much more athletic and be able to play with my kids.
fitness Yes! I want fun, motivating, and intense workouts that will whip my body into killer shape.
bootcamp Yes! I want a trainer who is qualified, educated, likeable, and willing to push me more than I could ever on my own.
toronto Yes! I am ready to see my body constantly change and getting leaner everyday.
fitness Yes! I want to learn the 3 greatest fat-burning, muscle-toning exercises that will have me looking outstanding in no time. (These 3 exercises will have you dropping fat at such a rapid rate, you won't believe your own eyes).
fitness Yes! I want to be held accountable to my boot camp workouts, which means I will get great results.
toronto Yes! I can't wait to get constant compliments from my friends and family, telling me how great I look.
fitness Yes! I am ready to look incredibly sexy, making heads turn as I walk by.
bootcamp Yes! I'm ready to stop procrastinating, telling myself I will get in shape tomorrow, that never comes.

Yes! I'm ready to get into amazing shape right now and I understand that there is absolutely NO RISK and NO OBLIGATION to stay in your boot camp.  Here's the number to call 416-333-1999 right now  to apply...I can't wait to get into great shape with this Toronto Bootcamp!


Right now you are standing at a crossroads...

You can leave this website and keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing and keep getting the exact same results you’ve been getting... You can stay in the exact same shape you’re in right now (or slowly get worse)... and you can keep putting of making the change that will give you a better body and better life... and then that change may never happen...

OR you can call today at 416-333-1999 and lose your fat, tone up your muscles, and get the kind of life that you deserve... a life where you look your best, feel your best and get all of the health benefits and attention having a great body gets you...

I know you’re a smart person and will make the right decision


toronto fitness bootcamp
Karie "The Fat Assassin" Hamilton

Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
Founder-The Fitness Girl
Toronto, ON.
(416) 333-1999

P.S.   - With my full 30 Days No Questions Asked Guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose, except all that ugly and stubborn body fat you've been carrying around for too long now. 

Plus... you get to gain that ultimate lean and sexy body that will award you with more respect, confidence and pride - not to mention you'll be the envy of all your friends.  You can't beat that with a stick!

P.P.S.  Remember, my Ultimate Fat Loss Toronto Boot Camp will having you melting fat and toning your muscles faster than any other program out there. Don't forget that you get to try it without any conditions with my 100% money back guarantee. Once you start my program you will never leave. You are simply going to love the amazing results you are going to get: 

P.P.P.S   - Just like all of my Downtown Toronto clients, you really can do this. I don't care about your genes... your metabolism... your gender... your age... your previous failures...

My program will work for you!

I strongly believe this is the single best program of its kind anywhere.

The one that comes backed by my personal guarantee... plus YEARS of real world experience and science, time-tested and proven on hundreds of people like you. Get a lean and sexy body... and get it right now. You'll have jaws dropping before you know it!

Remember, we only have openings left for 7 wait...4 people before we raise our prices, so you will want to call us today to lock in the lower price. 

Here Is What You You Need To Do Right Now:

Book Your Spot Before They're All Gone!!

Here is the number to call...

Bootcamp Location/Times/Cost:

Toronto East End/Riverdale

Artist's Play Dance Studio (2nd floor)
401 Logan Street East, Toronto ON
Mon 6:30p, Fri 6:30p

2X a week $112 monthly

The Fitness Girl
Toronto, Ontario Canada
(416) 333-1999
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